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Godot procedural texture

This tutorial explains how the 2D lighting works in the lights and shadows demo project. It begins with a brief description of the resources used in the final demo and then describes how to make a scene like the demo step by step. All the resources for this tutorial can be found in the official demo repository on GitHub. I suggest you download it before starting. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from the Project Manager.

For this demo we use four textures: two for the lights, one for the shadow casters, and one for the background. I've included links to them all here if you want to download them separately from the demo. The first is the background image background.

You do not necessarily need a background, but we use one for the demo. The second is a plain black image caster. For a top down game this could be a wall or any other object that casts a shadow. Next is the light itself light. If you click the link you will notice how large it is.

The image you use for a light should cover the area you want your light to cover. This image is x pixels, so you should use it to cover x pixels in your game. Lastly, we have the spotlight image spot. The demo uses a blob to show where the light is and the larger light image to show the effect of the light upon the rest of the scene. CanvasModulate is used to darken the scene.

Sprites are used to display the textures for the light blobs, the background, and for the shadow casters. Light2Ds are used to light the scene. The way a light typically works is by adding a selected texture over the rest of the scene to simulate lighting.

But it can be used in other ways, for example masking out parts of the scene. LightOccluder2Ds are used to tell the shader which parts of the scene cast shadows. The shadows appear only on areas covered by the Light2D and their direction is based on the center of the Light. Lights cover the entire extent of their respective Texture. They use additive blending to add the color of their texture to the scene.Users often ask how to generate geometry from code.

Godot provides a few classes entirely dedicated to make it this easy. Still, the best tool for the job depends entirely on the use case. This is the most common helper. SurfaceTool is a class you can instantiate to generate Meshesspecifically Mesh Surfaces. This means, the mesh is generated once and then used. Unlike SurfaceToolImmediateGeometry is an actual node.

Instead, ImmediateGeometry is designed to generate simple geometry that changes every frame. Lastly, the final way to do this is to create arrays themselves. This is the most efficient way to create static geometry, and is only recommended when SurfaceTool is not fast enough.

How much does it cost? What are the license terms? Which platforms are supported by Godot? Which programming languages are supported in Godot? What is GDScript and why should I use it? What were the motivations behind creating GDScript?

What type of 3D model formats does Godot support?

Procedural Generation in Godot - Part 1: Mazes

How should assets be created to handle multiple resolutions and aspect ratios? How can I extend Godot? I would like to contribute!

godot procedural texture

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Why I switched from Unity to Godot

This is a tool based on Godot Engine that can be used to create textures procedurally. Its user interface is based on Godot's GraphEdit node: textures are described as interconnected nodes. On Windows, you can also install Material Maker using Scoop :.

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In practice, it can cover a wide range of applications, from simple: such as random mazes or character names, to more complex: dungeons including keys, locks, bosses, etc. Start here. You can learn a lot about procgen and its applications at the Procedural Generation Wiki. Maze generation is a well-explored area, and there are many algorithms you can use, depending on the type of maze you need. Wikipedia: Maze Generation Algorithm. In mathematical terms, it produces a spanning treemeaning there are no loops and only one path from any one point to another.

First we need to decide how to represent the maze data. Each cell of the grid has four walls, which can be either open or closed:.

With two states open or closedwe can use a single bit to represent the state of each wall: 0 for open and 1 for closed. That means that a 4-bit i.

So a cell with walls 9 in decimal for example, would mean the N and W walls are present. As a result, we can use the decimal numbers to represent all of the possible cell configurations, and therefore all of the possible tiles:. A tile can be placed next to any tile that has the matching side value.

This means you can use any tileset that matches this arrangement. If we make these into a TileSet in Godot, with the tile id matching the wall pattern, we can use the TileMap data to record our maze data as well. A lot of the code we need for this project is very generic: it can apply to many similar types of problems. Keep that in mind as we move forward - what other applications of these algorithms can you think of?

We start by defining the four direction values for our tiles. Then we loop through the map setting all of its tiles to solid ones N E S W and adding each cell to the unvisited list. Combining the four direction values with results in decimal: 15or our value for a tile with all four walls present.

godot procedural texture

A full explanation of bitwise operations is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but you can find out more here: Wikipedia: Bitwise operation.

If you run this, you should see the map filled out with a nice branching path.As the title suggests, I'm trying to create a mesh at runtime through code GDScript. However I'm not having much luck. I'm starting with a simple quad for now, with the intention to move on to more interesting things once I understand how this works. The code looks like this:. All give the same result.

The doc page for Mesh talks a lot about "format" and the Mesh class contains a number of flags related to format, but there is no way to pass a format parameter so I don't see how to set this.

Hello, I also messed around with procedural meshes. You use the Surface tool which allows you to create a surface pretty easy and with a lot of control.

Here is some simple example code:. I think you also can skip the part with the MehsDatatTool and just use the commit function like that:. I think when I tried it, it didn't worked for me but it was some time ago so maybe I made another mistake. If you are interested you also can have a look at a voxel game I created with Godot "a minecraft clone" there I use the surface tool too.

So, I dug through the Godot source code a bit, and finally managed to get your example to work and display a black triangle. And one more thing, the vertices[2] should be swaped with vertices[3] if we want to draw quad because the Clock-Wise orientation.

I'm downloading the tutorial to watch it later on media player, by the way do you know whether one can resize the arrays on the fly and change the vertices position without having to recreate some new ones. Procedural meshes - what am I missing? Please log in or register to add a comment. Please log in or register to answer this question. Thanks for the reply! I would at some point like to get to the bottom of how to create meshes directly, simply because I feel it's useful to have a deeper understanding of such things, but that surface tool looks great.

My next question would have been how to set up uv arrays but you've already answered that so thanks again!We are only sorry that we could not give her our thanks in person.

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godot procedural texture

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