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Optical illusion quilt patterns for sale

You get 2 technique options - template and foundation paper piecing full size master templates included for both. You also get two shape options - with or without bottom corners. The center stars create circular motion the way the star blocks are set and more 3D optical illusions are created with shapes and shading. Intermediate Finished Size 66" X 66".

KwiltArt Celtic Tote Bag uses a smaller Celtic medallion and is the perfect size for a tote bag, the back of a denim jacket, quilts, table runner and placemats, pillows and much more!

Celtic applique can now be done by machine using double sided tape instead of pins. The double sided tape also helps to achieve perfect circles. Full size Celtic template included in pattern along with directions for the fully lined tote bag. The Celtic clock layer is removable and can be changed anytime you like seasonally, embroidery designs, photos on fabric, etc to make this design very versatile.

This smaller Celtic medallion is also the perfect size for a tote bag, the back of a denim jacket, quilts, table runner and placemats, pillows and much more! Full size Celtic template included in pattern along with directions for the two layer Celtic clock. Garden Cube lets you become an impressionist painter with floral fabric. Watercolor is an easy technique using 2" squares of floral fabric to create your design approx.

Freezer paper templates are used or you can paper piece this design. Garden Glow lets you become an impressionist painter with floral fabric. Convex Illusions is a very easy optical illusion quilt pattern using strip piecing and simple construction techniques. The combination of shapes and shades creates the dramatic 3D optical illusion.

This is the same quilt as "Poppin' In", with the center created in reverse. Below are four YouTube videos intro and parts 1, 2 and 3. There are a total of 10 videos on YouTube for this pattern. Confident Beginner Finished size 60" X 60". Poppin' In is a very easy optical illusion quilt pattern using strip piecing and simple construction techniques. This is the same quilt as "Convex Illusions", with the center created in reverse. Below are four YouTube Videos for this pattern there are a total of 10 videos for this pattern on YouTube.

Confident Beginner Finished Size 63" X 63". Spiral Motion is a larger version of Spin Out and creates even more dramatic optical illusions. It is easily created with drawing templates on freezer paper templates can be template pieced or paper pieced and strip piecing with shading using a bargello type technique. Spin Out has a very dynamic 3D optical illusion. It is easily created with strip piecing, templates drawn on freezer paper can be template pieced or paper pieced and shading with a bargello type technique.

Deep Dimension Cubes quilt design creates incredible depth and dimension. The removable KwiltArt Clock is made with fusible foam and Velcro and the battery operated KwiltArt Clock is inserted through a buttonhole in the quilt and the foam. Because the center is removable, you can change it at anytime with a new design quilt block, embroidery, photos printed on fabric, seasonally, etc. It's time to make a quilt with a KwiltArt Clock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confident Beginner Finished size 40" X 51". Building Cubes is a great 3D optical illusion for a beginner. Pattern design is 84 blocks and 8 different layout suggestions are given or you can create your own. Elegant Star is an easy quilt design using simple piecing techniques. The stars are made using Tri Recs rulers or templates provided your choice and the bowtie block is made with strip piecing and oversize triangles sewn together and then the block cut down to size to ensure perfect points.

This technique is also used in the corners of the large stars.This collection of quilt patterns includes quilts for all occasions! We will not share or sell your email address. View our Privacy Policy. You must be logged in to add a private note.

Login Register. We are adding the pattern to your Quilt Basket. Click here to view your Quilt Basket. You must be logged in to add a pattern. The incredible Optical Star Quilt uses the art of optical illusion to create stunning depth and movement.

optical illusion quilt patterns for sale

The pink and green stars seem to stand out, but if looked at differently, the blue and white stripes form diamonds and stars of their own. The green and pink star centers appear to be circles, but there are no curved edges in the quilt. This paper-pieced quilt will definitely text your limits, and requires time, patience, and a skilled hand.

Are you up for the challenge? The fabric is cut into strips that will fit the foundation pattern resulting in less trimming. Cut the following strips the width of the fabric.

optical illusion quilt patterns for sale

The smaller parts of each section can be cut from the unused strip scraps. Leave the rest for backing. To make sure that the points where the seams meet on adjoining pieces, place a straight pin vertically at the point where both seams meet.

Keep this pin vertical as a pin is inserted in and out on each side of the vertical pin, then remove it. When sewing the seam, keep the pins in place, hand turning the wheel to make the needle move over each pin before removing it. Carefully remove the paper from the back. The rest of the strips will be used for binding. Be the first to upload your own image for this pattern! I have not made this yet so I cannot rate it.

Click the button above or drag and drop images onto the button. You can upload two images. We are adding your Comments. I would love to make this quilt but you did not include the template for the pattern. Could you post it or email it to me at PooBaker50 gmail. Thank you. Hi, PooBaker! We've posted all the available instructions and templates for the pattern; if there's something else you need, unfortunately we don't have it.There are never any shipping charges for downloaded product and you get access to your products instantly!

You can choose several formats for downloading products to your computer following completion of your purchase. Without this FREE software you will not be able to view your downloaded patterns. Follow this link for installation instructions. PDF format works for desktop and laptop computers and iPads.

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A print-to-order pattern is printed for you at the time we receive your order. Patterns with up to eight pages are printed in color; patterns with more than eight pages have color covers with black and white inside pages. We'll print and ship it to you within 24 to 48 hours after receiving your order.

Please note that your print-to-order patterns will be shipped separately to you so if you ordered other items, you'll receive multiple packages. However, we can notify you as soon as this item becomes available. Optical Illusion Quilt Pattern. Add a pop of your favorite color to personalize this design to your decor! Technique: Quilt. Skill Level : Easy. Skill Level Beginner: For those who are first time stitchers Easy: Perfect for those who know the basics Intermediate: For someone who has mastered the basics and is ready to move on to more challenging projects Experienced: For those who have mastered the craft and are ready for advanced techniques and stitches.


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Optical Illusions Quilt

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What is a "print-to-order" pattern? The illusion in this quilt is created by the juxtaposition of the squares alternating with skinny strips in between. It works well in black and white as well as in any color combination you can think of as long as there is good contrast.

When viewed from a distance the thin lines look skewed, when in reality they are straight. Finished sizes: lap 45" x 66"; twin 64" x 88"; queen 88" x 88". Designed by Christa Watson. Reviews Overall rating:. How do you like this product?Op-Art Quilts book on Amazon. Image from wikipedia. There are squares set on point that have concentric circles that make the squares seem squished. Revolving Circles Image from Wikipedia. Image from Wikipedia. This hilarious video of these penrose stairs.

Video is called Hallucii. Jane has named her quilt False Impressions, the website of this effect is called bulging checkerboard. The effect is simply amazing, but the execution of it looks like squares on larger squares. The hardest part would appear to be keeping everything separate and in line. Here is a detail shot.

It would be easy to do with big enough blocks, the effect is much greater when standing back. Jane has discussed this quilt in several different postsand in the latest post has talked even more about optical illusions for quilt ideas. My Tumbling Block Table Runner. Karen Combs facebook page. Optical Illusion Quilts on amazon. Optical Illusion quilts at the Online Quilt Museum.

I did not discuss color constancywhich is a whole other ball of wax that tricks your brain into thinking about the colors based on the other colors around it. Welcome to the Scientific Quilter. The theme is quilting with a science, math and complicated quilting design emphasis. Many old blog posts may refer to podcast episodes. The podcasts have been removed and old blog posts have not been updated. I am always looking for new science and math inspired projects, or a good experiment on quilting techniques.

Feel free to contact me with your ideas! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Optical Illusions Quilt Designs

Sign me up! Blog at WordPress. Scientific Quilter An in-depth study of topics in Quilting. She has graciously agreed to let me share pictures of it with you.For Shop Owners - for Wholesale Order information, click here.

You asked for it and here it is! Patchwork Illusions is one of Karen's most requested classes. Visual depth has fascinated artists for centuries, Karen has developed a quick and easy rotary technique that allows you to make quilts with a 3-D look. Frankly, this is Karen's favorite class because it is so easy to create truly amazing quilts of illusion.

Let Karen share her secrets, so you may become a master of illusion! Includes rotary cutting instructions, sewing information, design options and rotary templates. If you already have Karen's templates, order the pattern without templates. Best value: order patterns without templates and order templates separately. These quilts are amazing! Use Karen's fast and easy rotary method for creating 3-D Patchwork cubes. You will l earn all the tricks and tips to creating the 3-D patchwork blocks shown here.

You will also learn how to use color to enhance the 3-D effect and how to use different settings to create amazing quilts of illusion! You will be able to create dozens of cubes and create intriguing quilts of Illusions. Includes rotary cutting instructions, sewing information, design options, graph paper and rotary templates. Pick Up Sticks.

A beautiful quilt with the illusion of depth. Don't let it scare you, the piecing is easy, just squares and triangles!

optical illusion quilt patterns for sale

Believe it or not, this stunning quilt is created with just one block! Created with three colors pick your favorites! Perfect for gradated fabrics or hand dyed fabrics! Instructions include cutting information for both Karen's Serendipity gradated and traditional fabric. Now available as a downloadable pattern at Karen's Etsy Shop! See this quilt here!

optical illusion quilt patterns for sale

Colorfall Cubes. Pattern includes 2 colorways! Also included fabric selection suggestions, yardage needs, full color cutting and sewing diagrams. Magic Cubes Colorfall.

Quilting Patterns Optical Illusions

An amazing, yet easy quilt of illusion! Perfect for the confident beginner. Karen has created a new way to create Lone Star designs without diamonds! So easy to do! The quilt is a beautiful spiral of red, white and blue, perfect for the 4th of July or a quilt to honor the military. You can even select your own three colors to use in this pattern.This collection of quilt patterns includes quilts for all occasions!

We will not share or sell your email address. View our Privacy Policy. You must be logged in to add a private note. Login Register. We are adding the pattern to your Quilt Basket. Click here to view your Quilt Basket. You must be logged in to add a pattern. Created by using strips of fabric, often jelly rolls, to make a design that is both colorful and eye-catching, bargello quilt patterns are surprisingly easy. You can either choose a handful of scraps, a jelly roll pack, or cut your own strips to make these bargello quilt patterns.

Bargello quilt patterns are made up of strips of fabric. These strips are pieced together to create a sense of movement in the design. While bargello quilts contain a lot of smaller pieces of fabric, they're created by cutting out strips of fabric and sewing them together, therefore they only require straight stitches. Straight stitching makes it simple for beginners to make these quilts with ease. The best bargello quilt patterns use the fabric color and print to their advantage, expertly combining the piecing instructions with colors and textures that create a marriage of movement between the elements.

Here at FaveQuilts. Coming in all shapes and sizes, all of these bargello quilts are pretty in their own way. Designed to add the wow-factor to your quilting projects and patterns, these ideas are sure to delight just about any quilter. Learning how to quilt can be difficult, but beginner quilt patterns like the free bargello quilt patterns below make it worth the effort. This will become your go-to pattern when you need to clean out your scrap basket!

Explore the bargello quilting technique with this easy tutorial before moving on to a more complicated bargello design. Enjoy breakfast in bed with this stunning quilted placemat pattern. This sunny and floral DIY placemat is created out of jelly rolls and a bargello quilt pattern that is intricate yet easy.

Plus, it's another great starter pattern. Bargello quilt designs don't have to be limited to the interior of a quilt. Learn how to make an intricate quilt border with this simple quilting tutorial. Watercolor quilts are among the most beautiful designs, but they can be intimidating. Break the steps down into easy pieces with the Strip Pieced Watercolor Quilt.

Some see rain as a gift and some as a curse, but everyone will agree that the Rain Drops Bargello Quilt Tutorial is a gorgeous way to make a quilt pattern. The contrast of shades creates an eye-catching pattern that's mesmerizing from up close and far away. Your fabrics will come together in perfect harmony. Check out this guide on the Clever Bargello Block to read instructions on how to make a block with a mesmerizing quilt design. Despite looking complex, this quilt pattern is for beginners, so don't be intimidated if you're starting out.Did you know how easy it is to create interesting optical illusions out of fabric?

It contains a bunch of fresh, new patterns perfect for the New Year. As we work on preparing each issue for publications, some patterns tend to emerge as favorites, at least for me. It could be the look of the quilt, or the techniques used to make it, or that the pattern was fun to write, or any combination of factors. Blues Traveler by Kelli Fannin really looks nice hanging on the clothesline. Even though the Courthouse Steps block is a very old design, Kelli really made it look modern and new with the way she used color and value.

The way she used the different blues adds to the effect, going from light to dark and vice versa. It reminds me of the classic optical illusion that just uses black, white and shape to create a dizzying visual effect.

Though there are likely infinite color and print combinations that would look lovely in this design as well. A couple of other patterns in this issue also use a combination of color, value and design to create interesting visual effects, though perhaps not as dramatically as Blues Traveler.

Over and Under by Abigail Dolinger has a woven plaid look that has a lot of depth to it, as the name implies. It looks like to colorful blocks are sitting just underneath the floating white sashing strips. This pattern uses partial seams to great effect, which is an easy and useful technique to have in your sewing repertoire! This one is made with deep, warm earth tones, rich scarlet reds and a pop of bright blue.

This one, like Over and Under, looks as if the blocks are floating just underneath the sashing strips, creating a sense of multiple planes. Blues Traveler Quilt Pattern Download. Over and Under Quilt Pattern Download. You must Register or Login to post a comment. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? You will be logged in automatically and a confirmation email with a password will be sent to your email address. If you do not see the email, please check your junk or spam folder.

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Using value and shape to trick your brain! Happy Quilting!

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